Location and friends

August 5, 2009

Another weekend spent at the new house. Once again, it was hard to leave. I assume that is a good sign. Particularly after last week in which we had dinner three different nights with different friends from church, which was fun yet something of a bummer. My wife and I both said “why didn’t we know these people sooner?” I suppose that sort of thing happens all the times–memories for cleaning out my freshman dorm and talking to the other guys in the hall more that week than the rest of the year come to mind. Why does that happen? (If it is not common, why does it happen to me?) I’m guessing that knowing that you’ll “never see these people again” opens up and avoids the temptation to try and impress people. Regardless, we are blessed by good friends here in Minneapolis. I pray we will find good friends as we move.


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