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Scattered thoughts from a coffee shop

September 29, 2009

This is something I wrote at a coffee shop a few weeks ago. I’m posting it as-is, rough edges and whatnot.

I’ve consistently said focused blogs are interesting; the general day to day “I had a cheese sandwich” is what brings down many sites–who cares that you had a cheese sandwich? Yet here’s another post that’s not about moving to the country. Either I’m coming around, or I’m a liar.

I’m sitting at a coffee shop and my weak-sauce work laptop can’t join the wireless. Caribou is hardly at fault here, it’s the neat trick my macbook has picked up. When you think about it, $2 for an hour of wifi isn’t too bad. I’ve been driving around looking for parking, wondering what I’m going to DO with myself while I wait for my wife. Too far to go home, too long to call up a friend to hang out (as if anyone’s available midday), too little juice to sit in my car and surf the web (note that the first thing that came to mind was using my pohone and the cell towers to read online–not call someone.) But that’s the thing–I’ve got not book with me, and a general sense of what do I do? Am I that steeped in electronic and instant-on culture that I am at a loss without signal? The majority of people in here have laptops. Overwhelming majority, even. Unexpected.

My coke is lukewarm at best. My phone is at least gettings some power. 30% by 1530 is not great performance. I’m sure for just a few more dollars in a spare I could make it better. That’s nearly always the trick, isn’t it? Just spend a bit and smooth it all out.

Yet another laptop has arrived. He drops his laptop bag and backpack on the table thne heads back outside. Bold. Either that, or there’s a bomb in it. Nope, he’s back. Most students have blackberries and iphones in here. Mobile email has pretty much achieved mass acceptance, it seems.

I remember pretending to study and checking the clock again and again. I don’t miss college particularly much. Lots of being unsure, not wanting to do what i was there for (studying) and feeling bad.

Garth Brooks’ Second Album

September 16, 2009

I spent a couple hours today working out in the field in the back of our house. I tore down about 80 feet of barbed wire fence. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The fence posts still stand, but the wire is all wrapped up on some old 2x6s that were in the barn.

I regret not having taken pictures. This was work, but by golly it was my work on my land. There’s something about that.

A Good Day

September 10, 2009

So we’re moved in at the new place. I’ve traveled back to the Big City twice for my two-day stints. Things are starting to slowly normalize and the various niggling bits and pieces that come with moving are falling together. I just wanted to make a special note: Today was a Good Day. Slept in, billed about an hour and a half, went for a longer jog than I’ve gone in years, and my wife made an incredible cherry tomato mozarella basil salad for lunch. It tasted like something from a classy restaurant and it was just our lunch. If this is our future, I’m in.