The Running of the…Cows

October 1, 2009

This morning I went for a jog (the purpose of this post is to impress you with my physical prowess) and it was cold. And windy. And I admit to having whiny thoughts throughout. As I turned back toward the house, I was running by a neighbor’s farm. There was a small herd of cows off a little ways, mostly black with splotches of white, standing out against the gray clouds and browning grass. But these are not the cows that sparked this post. There was one cow, a small black girl, who was close to the fence where I was, and popped up her head when I went by. I called out to her, as I often like to speak with cows, but she started walking along with me. Now, I was jogging at a solid barely-over-a-walk pace, and a cow’s pace would not keep up. So this cow started trotting, following me from her side of the barbed wire fence. I picked up the pace a bit, and kept talking to her, picturing myself as Burgess Meredith to Cow-Rocky. She trotted a bit faster, kept up, and then, ever so briefly started to RUN.

I have never seen a cow run before today. Not a bull, not a horse. A slow moving, cud-chewing cow.

Cows can be surprisingly fast.

Then, I think she grew tired of me and slowed to a mosey, and headed back to her buddies in the distance.

Either way, it made the cold and the sweat worthwhile.

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