Another day

October 2, 2009

Most of today was spent in front of glowing rectangles–we went to a movie, watched a movie at home later on, and then even a TV show. No, I didn’t get any work done, why do you ask?

While in town we purchased an air compressor, a shovel, and a pitchfork. There are many tools and machines we need just to “get started”. We still need a chainsaw. The pitchfork will make turning compost easier, and the shovel, well, you just need a shovel. Last week I was grubbing fence posts with a borrowed shovel. That will never do. An air compressor was something I was hoping to pick up used (it’s tough to haul the lawn mower into town if it gets a flat), but Menards had a good sale on a small one. I’m sure it’s made in China.

Part of the goal of moving to the country was looking for a simpler life. Working part time has certainly altered the pace of my life, but I find myself often falling into old habits. Today is either an example of sticking to old habits (soaked in media-entertainment) or is simply a “day off”. I’m not totally sure, in my own head I’m waffling if this an outlier in the data or a point indicative of no progress. This is only one month in, I should not be expecting massive changes in behavior, but I clearly see that my default is still to pick up the laptop when I’ve got a few free minutes. Should it be otherwise? Should a few free minutes mean I should go work on that fence that’s broken? I’m honestly not sure.

One step at a time, I know that.

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