The Truck Saga (pt 1)

October 16, 2009

We’ve been planning the move for quite some time, so we have built a decent amount of savings before buying the house (being that I’m now working part-time and trying to start a business). Aside from covering for the times when I’m not making enough, we figured our savings would be for all the little expenses that pop up along with owning a house.

That’s a bit of poorly worded background that could summed up by saying: we had saved some money and were going to buy a truck. We’ve got a long driveway that has a nice circular section in the middle, and it would take a very long time to snowblow, or longer to shovel. Since we don’t own a snowblower, why not get a plow truck instead? I have been scouring the local Craigslist and classifieds, as well as the Tradin’ Post, and was having trouble finding something in our price range (read: cheap). I wanted a truck that could plow the driveway and occasionally make the trip into town to go to Menards, that’s about it.

We had a few false starts. I called a gentleman who had listed a truck that looked promising and was affordable. We spoke on the first Sunday of football season–he was not at home, watching the Vikings(!) game somewhere else. I asked about coming to see the truck after the game, but he was going to be watching the Packers game that evening…being a true Wisconsinite, I was too…but there was 3 hours between the two games. So this guy said he’d call me back later, and never did. He preferred football to making a grand and a half on a Sunday.

There was another truck that appeared promising, until the seller “remembered to mention” that the dashboard didn’t work. No gauges at all.

Then, one day, I got home and had a message on the answering machine from my dad. He had been out biking, not more than a couple miles from our place, and had seen a plow truck for sale.

My wife and I headed over and checked it out. There were several people out in the lawn, little kids running around picking crabapples and shouting. I met the owner and we went over the truck, took it for a brief test drive, and everything checked out. 1988’s finest, an F-250, with a fancy Sno-way plow. Having done some research on plows, this one was a winner, and the truck seemed to drive fine, so we took it from there. We agreed on a price, and came back later that day, cash in hand. It was a couple hundred dollars more than I planned on spending, but it seemed to be a solid deal. I happily rumbled home, the V8 grumbling and roaring as we drove through the countryside. There’s no finer feeling than driving through the country in a big truck.

To be continued….

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