Fall is here

October 21, 2009

This fall has been cold so far. It feels “colder than normal” but I’m not sure how to quantify that. We’ve had the heat on off and on since the beginning of the month. I’m closely monitoring the fuel oil level, but it hasn’t moved much, which bodes well. Having never lived with fuel oil heat before, I had visions of turning the heat on for two days and finding the tank nearly dry. While I’m sure that will be case in mid-February, it isn’t right now.

My wife’s pregnancy-based higher temperatures have allowed us to keep it pretty cool, but even I get chilly at times. There is something remarkably comforting about looking outside to the cold and damp and just being warm and toasty.

The True Sign of Fall is the leaves changing color. Lots of rain the past few months have kept things green but the gold and red leaves are starting to outnumber the green ones. We have a maple tree between the garage and the barn that is a glorious intense red. I wish I was a better photographer to capture these sort of things.

Two weeks until the baby’s official delivery date, and we’re betting on her arrival being a bit sooner than that.

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