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January 27, 2010

So there is a big Apple announcement coming today. The wild internet speculation (possibly tightly controlled internet leaking?) is that Apple is going to announce a new tablet shaped computer that will change everything. The hype is at such a fever pitch that several weeks ago I saw an MSNBC headline about the forthcoming product, which had not even been announced in any way shape or form…and before the event was scheduled for today.

I work in IT. I’ve used Macs for years. I carried a Newton in high school, which was after the Newton was new and cool and before it received it’s current retro-charm status. I’m a happy iPhone user. When I say the hype is at a fever pitch, what I probably mean is the hype is at a fever pitch in the tech and gadget related sites that I read regularly, and the rest of the world is aware of something happening. But then again, that headline…

That’s a long introduction to what puzzles me. Maybe puzzles is not the right word–I am aware of the dichotomy within me. This marketing works. I have no need for another computer; there are already more computers than residents in my house. I can’t picture any tech desire that is missing. I really desire to live a frugal and simple life out on my five acres. My money and time should be spent becoming self-sufficient. How do the two rival desires co-exist? (on a sidenote, I haven’t watched the Tonight Show in ages, yet I was riveted by the Conan-Jay Leno saga. I don’t want to care about celebrities but I know far more about them than I would like to admit.)

I may even follow the tablet event live tomorrow, I used to do that for all Apple events when I worked at an office. It was a fun diversion from the regular days. But really, why? To what end? This is not an event-it’s an ad. Would I follow an infomercial for Cover Girl as closely? Of course not.

Twenty Ten

January 26, 2010

January is drawing to a close. New Year’s Resolutions are already probably starting to be broken, if not forgotten. The advantage of not making resolutions strike again! I do set goals, though, and frequently. I have trouble with the common futility of New Years Resolutions; it’s like you are supposed to make them and then not supposed to keep them. It tickles the same part of my brain that is irritated by Valentine’s Day. I do have some specific goals for the next 6-12 months that I’ll write about in the future.

I’m hoping for fewer setbacks in the next few months. Since November we’ve had the dishwasher go out, the leaking roof/ice dams, insulation blow-in, the plow truck’s 4-wheel drive has gone out, a car accident, and what feels like more. But maybe that’s all of it. There was a few days of worry we were going to pay $4000 in medical bills as well, but that insurance change did work out.

Few of these things are related the change that we made by moving out to the country, but most could have happened at any place. Regardless, at times life has felt overwhelming. In reality, though, we are incredibly blessed. God has provided in big and small ways. We still have some money in savings from before the move, our baby girl is healthy and incredibly entertaining, we lack for nothing that we really need. How quickly I pass from brief thankfulness after answered prayer to the next request.

Thoughts on…thoughts?

January 25, 2010

I have many different ideas kicking around in my head, things I’d like to post and discuss, but then don’t; I’m not sure if they are on-topic or “moving to the country”-enough. I stop myself because I think that the best blogs are those that are focused and have posts that orbit around a central theme, as opposed to an online journal of thoughts, that meanders from thought to thought.

Then I lack the follow-through to stay focused enough myself, and don’t post for weeks.

Ice Dam finish off

January 1, 2010

After the Christmas Eve Ice Adventure, my brother and dad and I did some research and it turns out the only way to really prevent ice dams is to have a colder roof–that is, more insulation. If your roof is too warm, it will continue to melt the bottom layer of snow, and will build up ice dams, and so on. The problems should be somewhat less once it gets colder (we had a week of mid-20s when this all started).

My brother had some experience in blowing in insulation from a friends house, so we did figuring and spent the day after Christmas making trips to Menards and loading up my dad’s small SUV with bale after bale of celluose insulation. Menards throws in a blower if you purchase so much insulation. If you recall, my truck’s brakes are currently out of commission, which makes the trip to town and back a bit dicey. I figure it could have saved me 3 25 minute-one-way trips to Menards that day. Thanks to my dad and brother who did the vast majority of the work, blowing, and cutting bales, we have about 14 inches more insulation on top of the existing 6 in the attic now. The house is noticiably warmer.

And, hopefully, we won’t be seeing any significant ice dams any time soon.