Ice Dam finish off

January 1, 2010

After the Christmas Eve Ice Adventure, my brother and dad and I did some research and it turns out the only way to really prevent ice dams is to have a colder roof–that is, more insulation. If your roof is too warm, it will continue to melt the bottom layer of snow, and will build up ice dams, and so on. The problems should be somewhat less once it gets colder (we had a week of mid-20s when this all started).

My brother had some experience in blowing in insulation from a friends house, so we did figuring and spent the day after Christmas making trips to Menards and loading up my dad’s small SUV with bale after bale of celluose insulation. Menards throws in a blower if you purchase so much insulation. If you recall, my truck’s brakes are currently out of commission, which makes the trip to town and back a bit dicey. I figure it could have saved me 3 25 minute-one-way trips to Menards that day. Thanks to my dad and brother who did the vast majority of the work, blowing, and cutting bales, we have about 14 inches more insulation on top of the existing 6 in the attic now. The house is noticiably warmer.

And, hopefully, we won’t be seeing any significant ice dams any time soon.


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