Thoughts on…thoughts?

January 25, 2010

I have many different ideas kicking around in my head, things I’d like to post and discuss, but then don’t; I’m not sure if they are on-topic or “moving to the country”-enough. I stop myself because I think that the best blogs are those that are focused and have posts that orbit around a central theme, as opposed to an online journal of thoughts, that meanders from thought to thought.

Then I lack the follow-through to stay focused enough myself, and don’t post for weeks.


3 Responses to “Thoughts on…thoughts?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Do you mean focused like this post, discussing the quality of ideas floating through your brain? Perhaps you could rationalize the relevance of this post as it demonstrates the fact that your simpler life has afforded you the time to think about such things. Just a thought, as it were.

  2. russ Says:

    I don’t have enough to say on one single subject to have a blog dedicated to one thing, so I gave up on having a focused blog long ago.

    So I like to think of my blog as almost one of the best. That ain’t too shabby.

  3. JL! Says:

    I considered this very issue awhile back on my own blog and I came to a very different conclusion.

    I think for most blogs, the writer should be the focus. Not an event, not a topic, just you yourself. I know that’s what I show up for. So even though your blog title is Country Newbie, I’m here for Aaron and Leah, not for stories about the countryside.

    I’d rather hear about what you’re thinking an experiencing than have your posts artificially limited to only one part of your life.

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