Twenty Ten

January 26, 2010

January is drawing to a close. New Year’s Resolutions are already probably starting to be broken, if not forgotten. The advantage of not making resolutions strike again! I do set goals, though, and frequently. I have trouble with the common futility of New Years Resolutions; it’s like you are supposed to make them and then not supposed to keep them. It tickles the same part of my brain that is irritated by Valentine’s Day. I do have some specific goals for the next 6-12 months that I’ll write about in the future.

I’m hoping for fewer setbacks in the next few months. Since November we’ve had the dishwasher go out, the leaking roof/ice dams, insulation blow-in, the plow truck’s 4-wheel drive has gone out, a car accident, and what feels like more. But maybe that’s all of it. There was a few days of worry we were going to pay $4000 in medical bills as well, but that insurance change did work out.

Few of these things are related the change that we made by moving out to the country, but most could have happened at any place. Regardless, at times life has felt overwhelming. In reality, though, we are incredibly blessed. God has provided in big and small ways. We still have some money in savings from before the move, our baby girl is healthy and incredibly entertaining, we lack for nothing that we really need. How quickly I pass from brief thankfulness after answered prayer to the next request.


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