January 27, 2010

So there is a big Apple announcement coming today. The wild internet speculation (possibly tightly controlled internet leaking?) is that Apple is going to announce a new tablet shaped computer that will change everything. The hype is at such a fever pitch that several weeks ago I saw an MSNBC headline about the forthcoming product, which had not even been announced in any way shape or form…and before the event was scheduled for today.

I work in IT. I’ve used Macs for years. I carried a Newton in high school, which was after the Newton was new and cool and before it received it’s current retro-charm status. I’m a happy iPhone user. When I say the hype is at a fever pitch, what I probably mean is the hype is at a fever pitch in the tech and gadget related sites that I read regularly, and the rest of the world is aware of something happening. But then again, that headline…

That’s a long introduction to what puzzles me. Maybe puzzles is not the right word–I am aware of the dichotomy within me. This marketing works. I have no need for another computer; there are already more computers than residents in my house. I can’t picture any tech desire that is missing. I really desire to live a frugal and simple life out on my five acres. My money and time should be spent becoming self-sufficient. How do the two rival desires co-exist? (on a sidenote, I haven’t watched the Tonight Show in ages, yet I was riveted by the Conan-Jay Leno saga. I don’t want to care about celebrities but I know far more about them than I would like to admit.)

I may even follow the tablet event live tomorrow, I used to do that for all Apple events when I worked at an office. It was a fun diversion from the regular days. But really, why? To what end? This is not an event-it’s an ad. Would I follow an infomercial for Cover Girl as closely? Of course not.


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