Spring is here

March 28, 2010

I’ve tried to not get allow myself to get excited. “We get more snow in March than any other month.” “It’ll get cold again.” And so on.

But I think we’re in the clear.

I’ve taken the plastic off of our deck door and moved the grill up to its rightful place on the deck outside the kitchen. There’s still plastic on the windows downstairs, but I don’t think for long. Naturally, by writing this, I have doomed us to a weeklong blizzard. Hopefully not. The Blue Albatross (as I have not-so-affectionately named the truck) is no longer stuck in the snow as the snow has all melted…but it doesn’t drive any more at all. Not stuck in 2WD, just no go. Oh sure, it starts fine, but a truck that sits and rumbles isn’t nearly as useful as a truck that drives. Put it on the list.

Seed ordering season is upon us. We have our eye on various tomatoes, arugula, sweet potatoes, peppers, and even some grapes. We are debating some blueberries as well. The seed catalogs are famous for their false promises. I try not to get sucked in. But then I stand outside, smell the hint of the warming earth, and I can’t help but picture a giant sweet growing garden (that somehow weeds and waters itself).

In other news: my baby girl is 5 months old today.


2 Responses to “Spring is here”

  1. Jon Says:

    I think Spring IS here.
    I love tomatoes and sweet potatoes! Then again, the rest of those sound good too. I’m not sure about arugula though. Is that the stuff that tastes like grass clippings?

    On another note, I feel like this sentence is a great takeaway for the day: “The seed catalogs are famous for their false promises.”
    See, that’s something I did not know.

    P.S. Happy 5 month birthday to the little one!

  2. Peter Says:

    I’ve got the fever too. And the KARE11 weatherman said that we’ll actually get out of March without a single snowfall. It’s the first time that’s happened in MN since the 1800s!

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