TV time

April 2, 2010

This past fall and winter found my wife and I in our basement most evenings, parked in front of the TV. Not necessarily a bad thing, but at the same time a few hours every night is probably not the best use of our time. (there’s no shortage of good shows these days or movies from Netflix) It’s bothered us (me, more probably), but I didn’t really do anything about it. The arrival of our daughter didn’t seem to change much in that respect; newborns don’t really do anything, so we would walk with her (attempting to keep her from looking at the screen) or have her on the floor and go on our merry way. I even started watching the ridiculous CSI:Miami when she was extra fussy, as it doesn’t require too much brainpower to pay attention. (Sidenote: there are probably already such things out there, but a CSI:Miami drinking game could be “See a lens flare, take a drink. See a set with a sunset-level of light saturation, take a drink.” No one could make it past the second act. But I digress).

I noticed just this past week we’ve been watching a lot less, and it hasn’t been a conscious decision. (But I still think it’s a good thing.) Our baby girl now is an active member of our family, and most evenings are spent entertaining her. It’s one of those shifts in life that come from being a parent, and it’s a good thing.


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