November 9, 2010

Growing up I remember when a local radio station changed formats. It was my favorite station, and one day I turned it on to groove to some Oldies, or at least whatever my probably-around-10 years old self did when listening to the radio. (I’m fairly certain it involved Legos.) [sidebar: notice that there are essentially zero stations that refer to the music they play as ‘Oldies’ any more?] Either way, as radio stations rarely give any notice to listens when formats change, on this particular day the station simply played David Bowie’s “Changes” all day. I was young and assumed something was wrong, so I remember tuning in again and again throughout the day, wondering where the music was.

Anyway, whenever I think of change now, that stupid song gets stuck in my head.

I pretty much hate that song now.

I’ve recently gone full-time freelance with my job. A Big Perk of that was supposed to be no more traveling two days a week. Well, my very first week of not traveling I got a call from a client who would pay well and be a short-term, once-a-week gig that would require…traveling. At least for the next couple months.
I took it, knowing that you pretty much never want to turn work down, but in some ways I still feel as if I am waiting to “really” start working fulltime for me.

The good news is I have been busy enough that even as things slow down for the holidays we’ll be just fine. Which is what I’m sure you were all concerned about.

One Response to “ch-ch-changes”

  1. I miss oldies radio. I haven’t heard “Workin’ in a Coal Mine” for way too long.

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