Fall Recap

November 27, 2010

Well, this weekend marks the end of gun deer season here in Wisconsin. This was my first year hunting solo, I didn’t get anything. Actually, I didn’t even see a single deer. While I wasn’t gone for 9 days solid like some people I know, I spent some hours sitting on some neighbor’s land just adjacent to ours, and I did a day of driving with some guys I barely know. My blaze orange vest is new and missing that faded hue that comes from Experience. My rifle is shiny yet. I hope that both will change in time.

Reflecting on the firsts of this makes me think back on our past year. We’ve lived in the country for just over a year now. I think I can safely say I’m on my way to the kind of life I envisioned: I went hunting. Yesterday morning I spent a couple hours cutting wood and loading sand into the back of my truck. The plow is on and ready to go, and hopefully the truck will work this winter. We had a decent garden this year and learned a lot. (Lesson One: Weed the dang thing thoroughly). I’ve been working on cars, and repaired our deck.

I wanted a slower pace of life moving out here, I can’t say that has really been the case, at least most of 2010. Business is slowing a bit with the holidays, and with that, hopefully some more time to reflect and take care of the things around that need to be taken care of. Next year will bring new challenges and adventures. I am surprised at the ease of balance between Remote and Wired living. I cut wood, I come inside and stream a Netflix movie. I think I once thought the two should be mutually exclusive.

Perhaps a moment of reflection is currently allowed because the Baby (more accurately: the Toddler) is asleep and my wife is out and about. Time to think; the question, for me, as always is “am I who I want to be?” This moment is rare: at least today, at least right now, I can look out at the snow on the hillside, look around my land and say “I’m on my way.”

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