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Online Presence

February 1, 2011

I continually am unsure of how much to share online. (well, let’s be honest, I’m continually unsure about a lot of things.) It’s not like I have anything to hide. Maybe it’s because of working in IT I’m acutely aware that once something exists online it essentially exists forever. Even you if you delete your copy, who knows where your picture or bit of info is cached somewhere by someone, whether person or spider.

(It’s important to re-read what you write. In that last sentence, I intended “spider” like a Google crawler, but the image of a malevolent spider, surfing the web on his tiny computer, saving people’s information is also an interesting picture.)

I recently joined a car club, and everyone else on the site has their real name posted. I’ve now only got my first name and last initial, but what am I afraid of happening? I’m not really sure. Heaven forbid someone I don’t know find out I (attempt to) work on Volkswagens. I debate about posting pictures here but then don’t know if it’s worth it.

The whole idea of a blog is generally a narcissistic one; or, at least, I’ve always believed that to be so. “I’ve got something to say! And the internet wants to read about it!” Yeah, buddy, but probably not. But I may need to approach things differently. My original idea of Country Newbie was that 1) blogs need to be focused and 2) there would be interesting things that would happen to City Folk as they moved out to the country. Being that I’m not making my living off of my land, I think such stories are fewer and farther between. And the level of what is “interesting” is entirely up to the readers.

So I’m just going to see what happens. No conclusions reached here.