Spring time plans

April 14, 2011

I picked up some lumber for the raised beds we’re trying this year. I’ve now planned on spending the afternoon assembling them twice; the first day I realize I had mistakenly gotten 1.5″ screws instead of 2.5″, which aren’t long enough, and now today it has started to snow outside. Not a lot of snow, but enough to deter me from setting up the miter saw in the middle of the yard. It’s possible I’m being lazy.

The much higher cost of treated lumber at Menards led me to get untreated wood. Once things are assembled I will have to report back on the durability of how things hold up. That and the conflicting reports we’ve read in various books about whether or treated lumber chemicals can leach into your vegetables.

We’ve been debating about getting chickens later this summer. I think there’s a very strong possibility we will be getting a few chicks in a couple months. There are various pros and cons, as with any decision, but it might be time. More on that as we decide.

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