On Politics and Health Care

August 5, 2009

I approach things far more from a personal liberty perspective than from a trust in the government perspective. I have been accused that this perspective is invalid because I grew up white and middle-class, so I never could understand what it was like to be anything else, and therefore could not appreciate how important government handout programs are. (usually by people who grew up in the same type of environment that I did. They apparently are capable of empathy, when I am not.) Regardless, the push for the national health care plan lately has me rather mystified–not in that health care changes are unneeded, because I do agree the current system is maddeningly complex and difficult, and costs are clearly spiraling–but in the attitude that the government will “make it all better”. I wonder, have people who desire this ever filled out a tax form? Have they ever been to the DMV? Where is the evidence that government can do a good job with such programs?

Having bought a house this year, I am eligible for the $8000 tax credit. I don’t agree with the program, but obviously I will take advantage of it. I see no hipocracy in that previous statement. Regardless, I received a letter three weeks ago regarding my tax filing this year, something was wrong, and I would receive a further explanation within three weeks. The government needs further proof that I purchased a house (follow-though that makes sense, I’d hate for 8 grand to go to someone who does not qualify for the program) but the heavy-handed IRS forms are never plesant to wade through. I must copy and notarize some forms and send them back, along with the appropriate forms describing what I am sending back. I believe this is an excellent glimpse at how our country’s future is going to be–we will have these wonderful benefits on paper, the grandness of everyone getting money and proper insurance, but each and everyone will be at the whim of an anonymous bureaucrat. Someone, somewhere going over the forms and marking each incorrectly filled out field, and then stamping “REJECTED” across the top.


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